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Ecommerce Templates

Use with ANY
web publishing program.

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Dreamweaver, GoLive,
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"Well structured and easy to use. There are considerable time savings working in
pure CSS."
- Jack Armstrong,
Calypso Design Co.

Why Use CSS Templates?

  1. By editing a single CSS file, you can make sitewide design changes in seconds.
  2. CSS lets you output to multiple formats quickly.
  3. CSS lets you use logical names for page elements. You can, for example, give a DIV the name "header", or a H1 the class "headline". It's self-describing.
  4. External CSS files are cached by browsers, improving load time.
  5. CSS eliminates the need for messy code -- namely font tags, spacer gifs and nested tables. This improves load time and makes developers' lives easier.
  6. CSS lets you do things normal HTML doesn't. Examples: better font control, absolute positioning, nifty borders.
  7. Practical use of CSS encourages proper HTML structure, which will improve accessibility and search engine placement.
  8. CSS's :hover PseudoClass cuts down on the need to use JavaScript onmouseover calls.
  9. If you want valid XHTML Strict you have to use it anyway

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